IV therapy and Weight Loss


What is Vitamin IV therapy?

Vitamin IV therapy is otherwise known as a Myers’ Cocktail. This is n intravenous vitamin infusion which can  help the immune system, reduce fatigue, help with recovery from athletic events, and even reduce the symptoms of fibromyalgia and asthma. For people on a weight loss program, they are usually reducing their calories and the nutrients in the IV therapy can help replenish those missing from the diet. Vitamin IV infusions have become quite common these days and there all clinics all over the world that perform these. 


Who Created the Myers Cocktail 

A Maryland physician, Dr. John Myers was the creator of this famous IV  therapy. He used intravenous injections of various vitamins and minerals to treat many chronic conditions. The common formula includes vitamins B1, B3, B5, B6, B12, vitamin C, and magnesium. Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and  Fibromyalgia respond well to this type of therapy. People also report improvements in athletic performance after vitamin therapy.

How does vitamin therapy work?

IV therapy works by increasing the blood concentration of essential vitamins and minerals beyond that which can be obtained when taking oral supplements. Vitamin C given intravenously can reach levels to where it can effectively fight cancer. This could not be done orally. If you are fasting this is one way to get in nutrients without any calories. 

Many illnesses and conditions are associated with digestive disturbances.  People with such conditions may not absorb many of the nutrients needed to return them to good health. This is why people recovering from bariatric surgery will many times get these vitamin infusions. If you are sick your body will use nutrients at a faster rate. IV therapy will help replenish those losses. IV therapy frequently “kick-starts” the cells, so that energy is produced more efficiently in them.

What is the process for IV vitamin therapy?

A small plastic catheter is inserted into a vein. The vitamin IV  infusion is given very slowly over 20-30 minutes. It is very rare to have side effects.The most  common is the vein leaking at the site of the catheter.  The most common sensation is the taste of vitamins soon after the infusion begins. The longer you have been ill the more infusions it takes to feel better. Many patients with chronic conditions choose to continue the infusions every 1-4 weeks or when they feel their energy slipping.

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